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That whisky-barrel BO smell that occurs in people who drink to the point that they've started to sweat it out.
Jessica: Man can you believe he said that to me?

Patrick: Yeah. All he does is sit on the balcony and drink. Try to not go near him. He's got that nasty beerspiration smell.
by Rogue Sun July 24, 2006
4 3
An act who's insperation is derived entirely from the unclear cognitive behavioral thought patterns associated with consuming inexpensive malt beverages.
John: "you sure have drank a lot of Steel Reserve tonight"
Paul: "Wow, I got an idea......"
John: "are you sure you are alright, you really are not thinking normal"
Paul: "So what I am gonna do is ride my kid's tricycle off the roof, and grind off the hand rail on the sidewalk, flipping an allie 360 to a perfect landing on the street."
John: "that is total beerspiration"

Result: A massive trauma
by thewisemancometh June 26, 2010
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