An overwhelming internal requirement to drink more beer to please those we hold nearest to our hearts.
The designated driver often forgets to turn away from beer pressure and ends up in the back seat making out with the bouncer from the club.
by Timesocj July 03, 2009
Top Definition
1. The social pressure one feels by having his friends making him drink more beer than one wants to.

2. The pressure one feels in their bladder after drinking too much beer.
1. Friends: Come on... don't be a wuss, have another beer...

You: Man, stop it with all of this beer pressure

2. After several beers in a row, Todd felt it necessary to relieve some beer pressure in the back alley.
by G Buckey July 18, 2005
where you're under pressure from your peers to drink more beer than you really want/need
why did you get so drunk last night?

i didn't mean to. i gave into the beer pressure
by hell_diablo September 16, 2009
Occurs when peers pressure someone to go out and drink instead of staying in or doing homework.
I bet we can get Mike to come out and party even though he has a final tomorrow, he always gives in to Beerpressure.
by MoCo May 23, 2008
Decisions made while under the influence of beer. Similar to the decisions made based on peer pressure, beer pressure may be something that is later regretted by the decision maker.
1. "I didn't want to smoke last night, but I was totally beer pressured into it and couldn't say no."
2. Mike: "Dude! Why did you take that girl home last night?" David: "It was beer pressure, I swear!"
by Kat Chivette January 20, 2014
Knowing that you should be headed home, but stay for just one more...
Bill said he was leaving at midnight, but due to heavy beer pressure, he ended up closing the bar and pissing off his wife.
by T.Ray December 14, 2009
When friends goad you on to drink copious amounts of the yellow fluid, despite your own wish.
He knew he had had a few too many and yet he succumbed to the beer pressure.
by SanJan November 17, 2010
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