Beer Pong is a game played by 4 players, two on each side. It is played with two ping pong balls. Six cups are then placed on each side in a pyramid fashion (six on each side). Also to keep the game sanitary, a cup of water is placed on each side to rinse the ball in case it drops on the floor. The cups are filled half full (roughly 2 beer cans will be used for each side).
The object of the game is to shoot the ping pong balls into the opponents cups, making them drink. Once all cups on one side of the table are made, then the team who made the cups win.
Special rules: Make it till you miss... when a team makes the last cup, the opposing team has an opportunity to make all the remaining cups as long as they do not miss, if they do, game over.
Satellites - the cup you are drinking out of is your satellite, if an opposing player makes it into your cup, game over.
Bounces - bounces can be off of anything, the table, wall, a person, as long as it bounces, a bounce counts as two cups.
If both players from one team makes the same cup in the same turn, they win.
Every house has different house rules, usually posted on the wall. Find out what house rules they use when playing and abide by them.
Started trippin on mushrooms while playing beer pong and the cups seemed to be moving around... and i still went 15 games straight
by Tweezie F. Baby March 09, 2006
Mistitled drinking game.

See "Beirut"
"Beer Pong? You obviously mean beirut, right?"
by Kazarov August 29, 2006
"The game which has come to be known as "beer pong" in some areas of the United States - more specifically southern and western states - is actually a game originally named "beirut." The mistaken name of beer pong is derived from several unfortunate instances in which men from these areas attempted to say "beirut" while holding a penis in their mouth, resulting in a mumbled word resembling "beer pong." Unfortunately, these instances seem to continue to occur even to this day, resulting in a nearly nation-wide misconception that the game beirut is actually called beer pong."
uncool dude: "hey lets play beer pong?"
cool dude: "wtf are you talking about?"
uncool dude: "u kno, cups, beer, table, ping pong balls..."
cool dude: (smacks uncool dude) "its called beruit"
by beruitking2 September 25, 2006
Beer Pong. As witnessed in a San Leandro, CA garage.
Ping Pong with full (opened or unopened, player's choice) cans of beer on each corner of the table.
Play. Since a ping pong ball strike is not normally enough to upset a full beer can, when your opponent hits a can on your side, and they score (note: the can is a "paddle" of yours, thus the can "hit" the ball and if it fails to clear the net on your opponent’s side, they score. In rare cases a hard and direct enough hit may cause the can to volley the ball over the net sucessfully. This event is usually cheered by all), you must consume the entire beer in the un-opened variation. In the open can game, simply take a chug and replace the can on the corner.

Warning: in open can games, a ping-pong ball CAN spill partially full beers. In the case a beer is wasted in this manner, the player who failed to catch and save the contents of the falling can must consume an entire can from their opponent's side, and must make the fridge run to replace to spilled beer. Open can games are best played with very cheap beer.
I always play beer pong with COORS, so if waste few, no one really cares. Try the "Silver Bullets" - they're taller and can sometimes score for you!
by oranzok May 02, 2006
1- a drinking game nobody plays.

2- synonym for beruit, a game that lots of people play.
Hey, stop calling beer pong beruit. While you may be correct, beruit just sounds dumb. And its played on a ping pong table so beer pong still works.
by Minford March 15, 2006
Everyone is a fucking idiot if they are to think that Beer pong is the previous description. Bei ruit is the game that is being described. The game is played with 20 cups, not 12. There are 10 on each side shaped in a pyramid. The point faces the opponenent. Beer pong is a game that is much related to ping pong (notice the words being the same). It involves 2 cups on each side and a whole bunch of crazy rules that I dont understand.
Beer pong is for the southern idiots who dont realize they are playing bei ruit
by the local northerner May 08, 2005
The stench of stale beer. Most often experienced the morning after a party. Is also encountered in the keg room of respectable bars, or ubiquitously in dives.
Poo-whiff! beer pong!
by niftydog May 13, 2007
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