It is rumored that Al Capone invented beer pong. During the prohibition period, Al and his friends would gather together in dark, sketchy basements to throw balls into red cups.
Al Capone's Friends: What can we do with this empty ping pong table?
Al Capone: Beer Pong!
And thus it was invented.
by BPLover April 30, 2010
Beer pong consists of ten cups (and two water cups), two balls, a table, and two teams of two people. The concept is pretty obvious of course, but the rules are based off whatever the host of the party wants them to be. No exceptions. Here is a list of possible rules.

Rodeo- When one team shoots, misses, and gets the ball back, at the end of their turn they get a chance to make a cup by throwing it behind their back. This is worth two cups if made

Death Cup- If one team makes a cup and the opposing team fails to remove said cup from the table, and the other team makes the same cup in question again, this is Death Cup and the opposing team looses and drinks all the cups on the table. (see recycle)

Recycle- This is when the winning team chooses to recycle their alcohol for the next game, even if death cup happens, because they do not want to share it with the opposing team.

Both Balls Same Cup- This can either be worth 3 cups and balls back to the team who made them, or 2 cups and balls back, host's choice

Rerack- There can either be one or two reracks, host's choice.

Air Ball- The team that Air Balls drinks one cup of opposing team's choosing, unless it is the final cup

Automatic I- If there are only two cups remaining, the team can use the Automatic I rule to straighten them up.

No Shooting While Drinking- If a shot is made while the opposite team is clearly drinking and has no way of knowing the game is on, the shot is canceled.
Cory: You playing beer pong at Orey's tonight?

Greg: Yeah man, but i need to know his house rules so i can keep up with what is cool and whats not.

Cory: Yeah man, he will hit us up with the essentials.
by Mr.Party April 22, 2010
a game tht is most oftenly confused with that of beiruit by retards. beer pong still consists of 4 people, some cups, and some beer. 2 players to a team, and two cups per team, one in each corner. the game is played like regular ping pong. except when the other team scores on you, you have to drink, also if they get it into one of the cups you have to drink. Sound stupid? So do you when you say beerpong but mean beiruit.
bob: hey is there gonna be beerpong at that party tonight?

greg: no you dumbass, but there will be beiruit.

bob: oh good, thats so much better.
by kyles89 January 24, 2010
A drinking game usually played on a ping pong table (hence the name) in which two teams face off against each other in a race to sink their ping pong balls in the opponents cups. The set up consists of two teams on either side of the table, 6, 10, or any specific amount of (preferably) red party cups filled slightly with beer, and ping pong balls.

The goal is to toss your teams balls into the opponents cups in a series of turns. When a ball is sunk, the cup is drank, then removed. "Re-racks" can be used twice to a players liking, with each specific name, like "diamond" or "black man's penis."
Alex: Yo, are we going to play beer pong tonight?
Steve: Hell yeah man I'm down.
by AnOffshorePrawn December 05, 2007
n. A drinking game in which players attempt to throw ping pong balls across a table into an opponent's half-filled cups of beer. Players are required to drink the beer from any of their cups into which the opponent throws a ball. The first player to hit all their opponent's cups wins. The loser is required to drink whatever beer is left on the table (in opponent's cups). For sanitary reasons a cup of water is kept at either end of the table to wash the balls off after each throw, but if you've ever played you know it doesn't really help.

Note: Table size, number of players/cups, and house rules concerning bounces, misses, and crossovers vary depending on the college/fraternity/drinking club involved.

Addition: This definition of beer pong is technicaally Beirut, but the orginal version of beer pong is so widely unplayed that the name is now a synonym for Beirut, especially in the South and at public universities.
Abbie has a beer pong addiction, and we may have to intervene.
by Jon May 28, 2005
beer pong simply just depends where you are from and where the people you party with are from. playing with ping pong paddles and ping pong balls was the way it was intended to be played. but how many people do you know that randomly have ping pong paddles without a ping pong table? lets face it, not many play on a ping pong table anymore. any table or dresser would do. most rules honestly depend on where and who you play with. no one's version is wrong or right. who gives a fuck just play, have a good time, and respect who ever's house your playing at. most kids now a days play with cups (usually ten) for each team, set up in a pyramid shape. ping pong balls or aluminum foil if you are in a pinch are tossed into your opponents cups. if you sink it, they drink it. again, depends on the rules and way you are playing
me and my boyfriend were the beer pong champs at the last few parties.
by irishJERSEYgirrlFURREALLL September 22, 2006
Beer Pong, also known as "Pong", is a drinking game that involves propelling a table tennis ball across a table with the goal of making the ball hit or land in one of several cups of beer. It involves two, four, or sometimes more players using paddles to hit the ball towards the cups of their opponents with the goal of hitting a cup or sinking the ball in a cup.

It is common to find a variation of the game played without paddles, which is typically called "Beruit." The definition of beruit can be simply put as, beer pong with out paddles. It is a correct understanding that all forms of beruit are forms of beer pong, but all forms of beer pong are not forms of beruit. Therefore, it should be known that beer pong played without paddles is officially "Beruit Beer Pong" or simply "beruit" for short.

It should be known that the rules of Beer Pong vary with each person who plays it. Therefore, no official rules can truly be declared during a game without the consent of the event host or the house rules, if there are any on display.
Johnny and Bill brought four brews back from the garage to play beer pong with Freddie and Joe. However, they could not find paddles, so they played beruit instead.
by D the J August 05, 2005
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