The muscles- or more likely the lack thereof- found in the male abdominal area. This phrase is a tailor-made justification for excessive amber nectar consumption, and places the onus on drinking a six-pack, rather than having one.
'Been to the gym lately?'
'Nah, but I gave the beer muscles a good workout last night.'
by Tommy Trawler February 09, 2004
Top Definition
n. false bravado; Dutch courage; the powers one imagines one has after one has consumed 19 pints of beer.
Man1: I'm a gonna go and pick up that incredibly hot girl over there - the one who's sitting with that huge looking footballer.
Man2: Whoa, haven't your beer muscles grown!
by nofntalent April 12, 2004
When one has consumed too much alcohol and is convinced he can fight any one or lift any heavy object.
Nigga 1:"Tray was trippin last night, man. He drank 3 forty onces and smoked 3 blunts and tried to fight 2 big ass nigga's who been smart eye'in him the whole night!"

Nigga 2:"You right, you right. Nigga had beer muscles! One dem nigga's is a linebacker for Virginia, that nigga was a mob beast niggy for sho'.I'm juz glad Tray pulled a hernia befo' the fight even started so no fight went down. Nigga thought he could pick up a 50 inch plasma and toss it at a nigga like a baseball, he perp."
by Ninja John Jimmy Bones July 25, 2006
when u drink a lot of beer and get hammered. then think that your the toughest guy ever and try to fight everyone
your drunk! ya but i have beer muscles!
by miketrudat June 01, 2010
See beer muscles, in particular first definition.
The participants of stupid and dangerous acts of male bravado are often aided in these acts by their beer muscle
by Anon October 19, 2004
what most douche bags get after drinking 2 or more beers, and think they are a cage fighter.
Scott- Hey Steve have you seen Derick?

Steve- Ya, douche bag Derick had his second beer flexed his beer muscles and is over there trying to fight all those bikers in the corner...
by S squared March 08, 2012
When you get so drunk that you start to think you can fight anything in your path.
Chick 1: I think you've had too much to drink.
Chick 2: What makes you think that ?
Chick 1: Cause you just tried to punch a telephone pole. You are getting beer muscles.
by Meanchick0876 January 18, 2011
Beer muscle is the overly fat midsection resulting from excess beer consumption. Most often used in conjuntion with a brand name beginning with the letter "M".
Bob has an enormous Beer Muscle. also Bob has an enormous M(brand name) Muscle.
by Seymour Beaver September 27, 2006
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