An affliction that affects many 18-24 males after drinking beer, but also other types of alcohol. The final effect is bringing home a girl that is so ugly in the morning you have no choice but to throw her out the window to avoid the shame of having your roommates see her in the morning.
dude, i had really thick beer goggles on last night.
by PK811 August 05, 2006
Modification of your opinion of an ugly chick based on the amount of beer you have drunk. The more you drink the better looking the girls are. Helps support the rule of: go ugly early.
Hey did you see that hag that rob is hitting on, he's got his beer goggles on again.
by stevemcccormick October 26, 2007
Metaforical goggles, believed to be "worn" due to imbibing to much alcohol. Specifically, the enhanced visual appeal of women who would be considered fugly when sober.
"Sure I can see she's a double bagger now, but I had them beergoggles on last night."
by moof July 10, 2003
Different name for Bar Eye.

Drink far too much and everybody becomes attractive!!

Very common slang in Britain.
He was a real minger last night, She must have been wearing beer goggles!!!
by PurpChar November 20, 2006
An accessory men often wear when attending certain social functions, such as weddings, nightclubs, cruiseship discotechs and other vacation spots.

While beer goggles are great fun to wear at parties, men usually make the mistake of taking them off in the morning after waking up with the previous nights' score.
Does anyone really need an example?!?
by I don't like crunk August 28, 2004
The reason why I woke up with a 300 pound woman next to me in bed, whom I presumed I had never seen before.
See the movie "Shallow Hal"
by Grits January 08, 2005
Typically occurring after the event, where due to earlier inebriation, an individual realises that their partner is not as attractive as they thought they were last night.
You must have had your beer goggles on when you met him / her!
by george9601 November 21, 2011
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