Imaginary optical aids through which ugly women begin to appear attractive after you have drunk too much beer.
"What? You fancy that!?! You must be wearing beer goggles".
by garthy July 08, 2006
Typically occurring after the event, where due to earlier inebriation, an individual realises that their partner is not as attractive as they thought they were last night.
You must have had your beer goggles on when you met him / her!
by george9601 November 21, 2011
the process of flocking to "the ugly bitchs" after downing a case. But the ugly bitchs appear quite attractive to the untrained eye/beer goggles. Except you wake up the next morning with a massive headache in the bushs or on a friends futon with the fat ugly bitch.
"alec why the fuck are you naked in the bushs with rachel that, fat ugly bitch? take off your damn beer goggles!"
"she's hott man its ok....its ok just leave me alone."
by Polhamus January 02, 2006
An amazing NJ-based rock cover band that gets everybody laid. Every night they play. Period.
I can't believe it. I finally got laid after this long dry spell. Thank you Beer Goggles!
by BeerGogglesNJ April 10, 2010
When a man embarks on a mission consuming excessive quantities of alcohol, the average woman can transform into a vision of beauty; a classic case of beer goggles.
A high-lariously game I found illustrates beer goggles perfectly. You can download it for free at for hours of entertainment to spice up your nightlife.
by John Hooper February 16, 2008
one of the best inventions ever. they help ugly people get layd. however, it is not the ugly one who wears them. the ugly must wish that someone is dumb enough to put them on.
'see that fine young broad down there?'
'take off your fucking beergoggles and see if you'll say the same thing tomorra'
by emohammers December 10, 2003
what you are wearing when you sleep with mrs simpson
i nailed mrs simpson but, i was wearing my beer goggles (a 12-pack worth).
by chris crounse April 17, 2003
What you are looking through after you have put away a case of beer.
After a night of drinking I had trouble keyboarding because I had my Beer Googles on.
by Flagger McCord December 03, 2004

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