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The time of night when you don't want to be driving. Cops and drunks are everywhere a half hour after the bars let out.
"We should really hit the road, it's almost beer 30."
by Vanshand October 24, 2008
16 84
the time of day when it is time to crack open a nice cold beer
Friend 1-"What time is it dude?"
Friend 2-"Its almost beer 30!"
by jimmycrackbeer November 01, 2009
76 12
The shittiest beer known to mankind.
Man, all you have is Beer 30? I'd rather drink warm dog piss!
by chickenshitmchammers July 28, 2010
77 51
every 30 minutes of an hour is beer30
hey dude what time is it? uhh, beer30 lets go get wasted!
by biongoboingo April 28, 2003
17 19
The idea of being about 30 minutes late for a cold one.
After pulling 2 shifts at work, Dave decided it was time for a beer. Still sober, a half hour later, he decided it was definatly Beer30, so he clocked out and sped to the nearest bar for an emergency ration of that frosty brew.
by George G4 August 01, 2006
9 20