When you're happily drinking with friends and rest your eyes for a second at the local pub, and suddenly wake up to find yourself sprawled across the steps of your house or in some alley in the middle of nowhere, then you my friend have just taken a ride in the beer taxi.
Beer Taxi: ferrying blokes to random ass places since 10,000 BC.
by C++ June 03, 2006
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Imaginary mode of transport,
associated with heavy drinking,when drinker has no recollection of how they arrived back at their preferred destination.
"i was so utterly trousered last night,haven't got a clue how i got home...must have been the beer taxi."
by Dr Lokoss July 05, 2004
a ride back home in a taxi after a long night full of alcohol in a dungeon
i took a beer taxi last night
by shaan October 13, 2004
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