A runny, burning, putrid smelling dump the morning after a night of heavy beer drinking. All beers produce beer shits, however, it has been theorized that cheap beers such as "Natural Ice" produce the most painful and smelliest.
I drank a 12 pack of Natty Ice last night and am paying for it today. It feels like a beer shit is brewing.
by Howie Feldersnatch2221 December 06, 2009
Describes the inexplicable phenomena, wherein an unimaginably large bowel movement must occur during the morning hours after a night of consuming lots of alcohol..
My boyfriend is taking a beer shit right now at work. Good thing he works in the hospital so that he can blame the smell on those around him.
by Julie M. February 24, 2006
The odd and often smelly bowel movements formed from a night of heavy drinking. Most beer shits are water based aqueous fluids. College students are particularly susceptible to this occurance.
Student #1- "Dude, I gotta go home."
Student #2- "Why, man?"
Student #1- "I gotta shit sooo bad."
Student #2- "There's a bathroom right there, just use that one."
Student #1- "No, dude; this isn't just any shit, I drank waaay too much last night I'm about to lay down a beer shit."
by tleoxnagshorn September 26, 2009
The beer shit- This is when a person has a good ole session on the booze and gets home goes to sleep, wakes up and feels his her stomach aching, and cannot move cuz they are fucked from the night b4, but eventualy have to and run to the toilet, and SPLASH that nasty smelly lil fucker will be in that pan b4 you know it followed by watery shit and a few jack daniels stinking farts and stomach wrenching, best bet stay there for a good 15 mins let it all out,because it will come again during that day :/ you may find you will get a burning feeling on ur ass and ya do not wana sit down after for a while. that is a beer shit.
by DEVILSDRINKING555 January 31, 2010
A case of diarrhea, possibly accompanied by foul, sulfuric smelling farts, often coming the day after consuming mass quantities of alcoholic beverages such as beer.
"Man, after that party last night, I've been in and out of the can all day!"

"Dude, You got beershits."
by NayJosh March 28, 2008
noun; including but not limited to the diarrhea-esque, liquid squirt of fecal matter out of oneself after a night of too many beers.
-"Dude, how was last night, man?!"
-"Never mind last night bro, I had the worst beer shits this morning!"
by Adam Fle February 24, 2008
The massive shit one takes the morning after consuming a large amount of beer.
"Oh man, I took a massive beershit today, it was an epic session last night!"
by Seamus O' Shaughnessy July 06, 2008

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