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Beer Olympics consists of multiple beer related events in which teams compete to win the Beer Olympics Gold Medal. Games include but are not restricted to: Beer Pong, Chug n' Run, Keg Toss, Flip Cup, Timed Beer Bong, and King of the Table. Teams compete for points in each event and the winner is named at the end of the event and is named Beer Olympics Champion for that year.
UNCW Beer Olympics 2006. Teams of two compete for the Gold Medal.
by J-Buck August 27, 2006
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1) series of drinking games. The winning of which is a great accomplishment.
2) when somebody is drunk all the time. They drink until they pass out and when they wake up they open another drink and do it all agian.
1) The Pi Betta Slutta sorority overcame some major competition and won the annual Beer Olympics. This victory resulted in a trophy, bragging rights, and several positive pregancy tests in the next few weeks.
2) Ever since Billy fell into deep depression he started basically just doing the beer olympics every day. It's sad to see but at least I know what to get him for christmas... a big case of brew!
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 20, 2013

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