A person who is very finicky about what kind of beer they consume.
"Man, Pangina brought Budwiser"
"Fo real do? I only drink New Castle"
by mempho February 12, 2005
Top Definition
the person that is designated to get the beer from the refridgerator or cooler
we had never seen this guy before, so we made him our beer bitch
by heavy April 27, 2003
The official job title of the girl who drives around the golf course trying to sell you beer.
She's the hottest beer bitch in town! Plus, give her a big tip, and she's the 19th hole.
by Dedoverde MD June 05, 2007
a woman (or man) who, for reasons of paid employment or otherwise, is required to fetch/pour beer for one or more individuals for a defined period of time. Although tasks such as taking away the empties and supplying their master with food are obvious additional duties for a beer b1tch, frequently they may also be required to perform tasks that are not immediately associated with purveying beer e.g. perform stunts or tricks to entertain a drunken crowd, turn a blind eye whilst their own drink is tampered with and, occasionally (usually later in the day/night), provide sexual gratification for his/her master or their nominated representative.
Tom was not looking forward to being a beer bitch at Oktoberfest, it would be bad enough pouring 1 litre steins for BG all day, but the thought of the boys tea-bagging his own stein whilst he had his back turned, was almost too much to bear.
by Big_Greasy October 10, 2010
Women who supply alcoholic beverages to thirsty golfers on the golf course.
Golfer " It's hot out here. Where are the beer bitches?"
by jaxin January 23, 2007
1) Someone who brings you beer in response to a yelling request.
2) An enabler who promotes your stoner alcoholism by bringing you beer which you are too messed up to retrieve on your own.
1) "Without my beer bitch I would be horribly sober"
2) "If Kevin were not such a beer bitch we would not invite him over"
by Big Black Sexy Daddy H. July 03, 2009
The legal drinking age friend of an underage person who supplies the underage person with alcohol.
I gave my beer bitch some money to stop at the liquor store on the way to the party.
by f-liberals May 24, 2016
a hot Bavarian wench whose sole purpose is to keep your glass full and a smile on your face.
Stag: Wow, who are those gorgeous girls and what are they doing on our stag do?
Best Man: They're the Beer Bitches- now shush while I tie you to this lamp-post
by sheppers April 17, 2011
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