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In children and infant's socks, these are the very thick inside seams that rub against sensitive toes. And yes, this is my child's name for these wicked, meltdown inducing seams.
My child pulled off her socks, pointed at the beekins inside, and turned them inside out to wear for comfort. One day she will make a million bucks with a seamless sock.
by S. Endler March 18, 2007
Friendly furres on Furcadia who help those in need. There are several groups, including, but not limited to, the Help Desk, Help Channel, Welcomers, Masons, Pixels, Scribes, Mentors, Teachers, and Guardians. (Pronounciation of 'Beekin' varies.)
I took my last Beekin class yesterday -- I'm a Pixel Beekin now!
by nylafe November 06, 2003
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