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an unusually fierce and powerful erection.
I was left with beefwood after seeing the opening shot of Lost in Translation.

I couldn't leave the swimming pool out of fear that everyone would notice the beefwood in my trunks.
by conditionerisbetter March 07, 2011
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A puffy diseased vagina, dark purple in colour, often covered in mustard yellow pimples. Deemed dangerous as once touched these pimples can explode with puss causing blindness if caught in the eye. This uncommon disease also goes by the shortened name of SAMB

Native to anglesey often seen with interchanging hair.
An example; one man thought this type of vagina appertising now wears dark glasses and depends on a dog. He is quoted as saying "it burnt like acid". He now stays clear of beefwood.
by Samalamadingdong26 March 07, 2011
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