The erect penis of a gay man.
"Oooh Put that hot beefstick in my manhole."
"MMMMM. I love how your moustache tickles my beefstick."
"He has quite a beefstick. I'd bet he can get any guy he wants."
by thefuckler May 07, 2008
Top Definition
a pet name for ur penis
anton- i hit that bitch with my beef stick
by kiko March 08, 2005
A large stick of tasty beef, usually with some type of cream filling
Bob decided to whip out his big tasty beef stick for samantha
by Mikey-o April 27, 2003
A big dick that is inevitably ginormous.
"Dude have you seen that dudes beef stick?"
by Tylerscott May 14, 2009
(Noun) A Beefstick is a person who is amazing at everything, both in World of Warcraft and otherwise. He's probably large in the crotchular region.
1) Damn, that guy from Cenarius is such a Beefstick! I wish I was as cool as him.

2) Random Noob: Wow, that Shaman's pretty good!
Random Noob2: Yeah, but he's no Beefstick, that's for sure.
by LOLGUESSWHO February 21, 2008
Someone who tries to offend and upset other people around them in an attempt to hide how pathetic and insecure they are in real life.

An idiot, nay, a complete fucking moron.

Not quite as safe and secure in their little internet world as they want to think they are.
"Hey dude, did you just suck that guys dick to carry your 'shitty attempt at healing' through Arena?"

The child was so confused by his lack of understanding that he inevitably got caught molesting his little sister. Once she was old enough to talk, she told the world through tears about playing with the "beefstick" late at night after his Arena teams were over.
by Taking Out Trash May 10, 2008
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