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A pair of vaginal lips that hang PRECICELY 1 foot or lower from the snatch-must be 1 foot or longer to qualify as beef drapes; beeflike apperance/scent; stretch when pulled; flap on call; continue to sag with age.
"Yo gramma, hang dem beef drapes out to dry! they greasin up my floo!

"shut up or ill slap you with my beef drapes!'
by sweetlips April 04, 2005
A soggy wet pussy.
"I'm not going near Crystals beef drapes."
by Anthony March 01, 2004
I have beef drapes...i hate them so much cas they smell everywhere n when i get my menstruating time mum has to get the mop out and its so stained already that we also use mums hair.So now its red, but she cant use mine so she just puts her hair onto mine and rubs!
My vagina...why do i have such long beefy drapes hanging up in my vagina!Them beef drapes smell funky!
by Lorry S. October 07, 2005