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To take a nasty fall, as in skateboarding
"Dude, did you see Justin beef it in the half-pipe?"
by Bobito March 21, 2003
5 6
Beef Is To Rap Or Freestyle,
It Also Is Another Word For A Verse
Im a Beef continuesly till ya'll get sick of me
by Mic Controlla Z July 07, 2011
0 2
For those of us who can't say BFF drunk and it comes out sounding like beef. Also for those of us who hate the word bestie.
Mallory: Oh my God Maggie I hate the word bestie. You're my bff(pronounced beef when you have a drunken slur).
by msmayhemm August 24, 2010
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another name for male parts
"have you got beef???"
by HamHamis well good May 12, 2009
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used in the midwest area, beef is when you say something about someone, and they are the "punchline" of your joke.
Jessica: Bitch your breath stank like shit!!

Rick: Damn hoe, why you beef me like that.

Jessica: Ahaaaa. Im Honest.

**could also use beefing or beefin.
by JessiBella. March 07, 2009
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(B)est (E)st (E)ver (F)friend.
nuff said. =]
Devan joyce is hali lynns BEEF. They are beefs (NMW)
by Hali lynn C November 18, 2008
1 3
A school slang term for fight in which a fight has broken out.
Person 1: THERES BEEF!
Person 2: LETS GO SEE!
by HOO SHAA! July 23, 2008
7 9