put on some welly boots, and visit a famous Yorkshire landmark and poo in a Yorkshire pudding to warm up.

Wearing your wellington boots you take along run up and kick your girlfriend/matron/stepmother/wet nurse/midwife etc. very hard in the crotch- attempt a toe poke in colloquial soccer terms- resulting in your welly clad foot being suitably embedded in her lady cake.

Beef Wellington!
During his inauguration, Barack Obama landed a Beef Wellington in Michelle's oval office.
by WedJorton June 04, 2010
Top Definition
a sex position in which the girl lays face up and the man takes a crap on her vagina and then fucks her.
ah man my dick smells rank after giving that beef wellington to this one chick
by jakoff April 03, 2009
Real beef wellington is a dish that involves meat wrapped up in bread dough and baked. Therefore, "beef wellington" is here defined as when a man has vaginal intercourse with a woman who is currently suffering a yeast infection.
The two lovers had so much beef wellington that night that she, he, and the bedspread had to use Monistat the next day.
by Papa Ray March 06, 2012
A term that identifies a guy who is hot or good looking. Usually wears tight jeans, checkered shirts and band shirts. May have piercings, flesh tunnels and tattoos. Their hair should be fairly long with a fringe. It helps if they have a good music taste.
You are with a group of people and you're walking down the street. You spot a guy, that you think is looking good, so you state to your friends 'Beef Wellington!'.
by BicciIsSexy January 04, 2011
When a gentleman inserts his leg into a ladyfriend up to the knee.
The only acceptable time for a man to shave his legs is in preparation for a beef wellington
by Andy_Alphabitz August 14, 2009
Where a guy/girl takes a shit in their partner's mouth.
That was disgusting when I gave my girlfriend a Beef Wellington last night, she even offered to give me one.
by imnotme January 20, 2010
noun: 1) a strip of steak wrapped in a flaky puffed pastry, delicious when served with mushroom sauce, or 2) a worn-out ho that has received more than her fair share of hot beef injections. the "pastry" has been injected with beefy goodness many times and is no longer delicious, even with mushroom sauce. syn: skank, bear claw, worn-out
"Man, i'd love to give Chelsea a hot beef injection"
"Don't do it Collin, she's already a beef wellington!"
by backup hot beef injector September 03, 2009

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