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the act of taking a syrupy, unusually wet diarrhea in a girls mouth, then proceeding to throat fuck that hoe...yea...that just happened
Dude, did you hear about Steve? He totally beef stewed that chick last night;right after he finished, she totally turned around and yammed all over Derek, who they didnt even know was there, what the fuck was he doing?
by James North January 29, 2008
11 40
To flatulate (fart) in someone's face, usually after kicking their ass.
after I laid the smackdown on Richie's candy ass, my boys held him down and I gave him a beef stew he'll never forget.
by Balphezar October 23, 2006
327 85
The act of pinning down another person, usually someone of lesser coolness, and farting in their mouth. Was seen in the movie 'Benchwarmers', when the jock gave one of the nerds a beef stew.
Jock: "I'm gonna give this nerd a beef stew!"
Nerd: "NO!"
*Jock farts in nerd's mouth*
Nerd: "I can taste the beef :<"
by skitzor June 17, 2006
162 51
when a person sits on another and farts on the other persons face
"Give him a beefstew!!"
by Zvezdomir Todorov October 30, 2006
66 12
A huuuuge fart, in someones face. most likely wet.
I remember getting beef stew when i was younger.
by Jade. April 25, 2008
43 42
a hilariously stinky fart
ah dude thats some rank beef stew!
by ajuicyaccident October 07, 2010
32 32
A factory located in Detroit, your payment is beef stew bucks to get more beef stew! Many flavors are created to feed your hole family.
Man i just got this awesome beef stew to put i my mouth!
by Beefman44 January 30, 2012
21 23
A nothing nobody. A has been. A never was.
You're a beefstew - Riiiiiiight.
by Bons May 24, 2006
24 35