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The codename of a combat mission in Afghanistan in which an American flag was flown from a Black Hawk helicopter in honor of Stephen Colbert and his dedication to the pursuit of freedom and truthiness.
"Beef Hammer, of course, the followup to such secret missions as 'One-eyed Trouser Trout' and 'Operation Blue-Vein Swayback Throbber'. I am deeply touched."
- Stephen Colbert
by au4040 December 12, 2006
basically another synonym for a penis.
Yeah then I just smacked her in the face with my beef hammer!
by Pundle December 05, 2006
An affectionate nickname for the Gravity Hammer in the Halo series.
Look out Michael! That guy is 0 for 10 with the Beef Hammer this match. (Boom!) OUCH...
by haloFan October 07, 2010
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