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Useless wannabe rappers who struggle to make a name for themselves in the music industry(Hiphop) So they take shots at famous rappers with diss tracks just so that people will know about them and create a buzz...the wannabe rapper usually fails. Lol.
''Beef Flingers''

Whack rapper: Ohh God I'm 25 years old! this is my 11th album! and I still haven't managed to make any money of this yet!..... Gregory...

Gregory: What?

Whack rapper: I'm going to make a diss track about Eminem..

Gregory: lol..pff..Good luck with that *rolls eyes*

Whack rapper: I Will!!!!

Gregory: Ok take a chill pill...

5 Months later...

Gregory: So hows that ''diss track'' going?

Whack Rapper: I put it on youtube!

Gregory: and?..

Whack Rapper: He's not responding!!!

Gregory:....*Walks off* pff haha...what a Loser smh...
by FlyBoiiiKyle June 18, 2010
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