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1. The most absolutely best band to ever live. I love them.
Wow, that band is pretty good, but their no bee gees.
by andrea March 19, 2005
The best group I've Ever Heard in my life.
The Bee Gees Are the best group for the song "Stayin alive"
by latino14 May 23, 2009
A 70's style blow job, done while listening to, or thinking of popular disco group.
While watching Saturday Night Fever last week, my girlfriend gave me a BeeGee.
by the Gypsies August 22, 2010
Term used to describe one of the famous Gibb brothers, often said in excitment/shock when actually seeing one in the street. The extent of the shocked exclamation is often higher if it's Maurice Gibb who is spotted.
Look there's a real life Bee Gee! (as heard on Only Fools and Horses 'Miami twice' episode)

I saw a Bee Gee down the pub the other day and he was talking about miami while stroking his hair.
by Gibb Brother Lover December 04, 2007
"bubbly guts" explosive diarrea feeling
Dang, I got the beegees yesterday at the library and I had to run to the toilet to let that stuff out.
by Sexy Mama 83 August 24, 2007
Used to elongate the true term BGs which stands for Bubble-Guts.
"Man all dat mexican food gave me da beegees"
by ImaSoulBrothaFoYaMotha December 02, 2006
That creaking, groaning, almost explosive movement of the stomach or bowels either due to a tense situation or pre-diarrhea stage due to something you ate or just having a shit filled situation.
Damn those White Castle sliders and prune juice for giving me the beegees!
by SEY January 24, 2008
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