One step up from bee's knee's: the very best.
That shirt is the bee's ball's.
by jamesshrugged January 18, 2009
Top Definition
Bee's balls are what you have when you have very small, insect-like testicles.
I can't seem to impregnate my gf because i've got bee's balls.
by bieberina69 October 24, 2010
The opposite of the "bee's knees". (bees knees)

When bees flit from flower to flower, the nectar can stick to their balls. The phrase "bee's balls" means bitter and awful, because the balls of the bee are where all the bitter, awful stuff is collected. The definition about having really small balls is wrong.
Oh no! I've fallen and got honey all over my knees. This is the bee's balls.
by billybee October 24, 2010
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