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That sensual seductive-looking glance that you (whether you are male or female) express when you are in a mood for something romantic and/or sexual.
1. The stripper greeted me with bedroom eyes when I was handing her my money.

2. When I saw my girl for the first time in a skimpy nightgown, we gave each other bedroom eyes and proceeded to make some lovin'.
by Mark H August 03, 2004
eyes that are big, dreamy, sultry, bold, and seductive, and are so beautiful that when someone looks into them, they get lost inside.
that man has bedroom eyes
ohhhh boyyyyyyy :)
by blaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh September 25, 2007
sexy, suggestive eyes that make one want to totally be in a bedroom with the bearer.
"did you see the guy in the blue? the one with the mega bedroom eyes?"
by gangsta L December 09, 2004
The expression bedroom eyes originated as a description of a half-closed or sleepy eyed look . Most often used to denote someone with hooded eyes . google hooded eyes - it is a truly sexy look .
She smiled and watched me with her bedroom eyes.
by watchem February 22, 2009
(1) Eyes that are naturally heavy-lidded, giving their owner a permanently sultry look. (2) When someone's eyelids have drooped as part of an expression of desire.
(1) I could just lose myself in Jensen Ackles' bedroom eyes. (2) I was making out with David yesterday and he was totally giving me bedroom eyes.
by enb14 October 30, 2011
Refers to a lover who eyes that are extremely attractive and captivating. They are inviting as if to say "come-hither"...Eyes that are desirable, drawing, enchanting, enticing, magnetic, provocative, kissable, seductive,sensuous,titillating, anything SEXXY. The eyes of my Unklbri.
Right before I went down on Brian, I glared into his bedroom eyes and kissed his forehead.
by rhonda October 17, 2004
a seductive facial expression that utilizes the appearance of the eyes
Don't let those bedroom eyes draw you in before knowing about any issues with disease that would put you at risk.
by The Return of Light Joker July 13, 2009
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