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A small town between Lexington and Concord that has recently acquired a Starbucks.
Dude, where's the Starbucks?
- There's one in Bedford, MA, ked.
by a bedfordite August 25, 2006
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A town squeezed between Lexington, Ma and Concord. Most of Massachusetts does not realize the 3 miles between Lexington and Concord has a name. Does not have a single Starbucks in its entire 13 square miles.
World renowned for the first flag of the Revolutionary War, Marshalls, the guy who commited suicide on the common, being terrible at high school football, and Tony Gong.
Where do you want to go on vacation?
--Let's go to Bedford, MA!
Why? It's dull as dishwater.
--But they have so many empty hotels!
Okay, sounds good!
by asdfghjkljd December 09, 2005
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