Its a generic term to describe an older person, who at best, has lost control of one or more bodily functions.
That Bingo hall was full of old bedshitters.

Florida.. the Bedshitter state.
by Reaver January 16, 2003
Top Definition
A person that is somewhat of a complete failure, does not do tasks well, might as well be a 4 year old child
John, my roommate, is such a bed shitter, he cried after I complained to him about taking 3 hours to do the dishes which were still not clean.

Tracy officially shit the bed, she crashed her moms car while drinking and driving, what a bed shitter
#shit #bed #shitter #failure #child #lame #loser
by James the James August 19, 2006
someone who shits the damn bed....
"doood that heroin addict just shit the bed"

"yeah... hes a fucking bed shitter."
#heroin #shit #bed #caca #cama. fuck you
by xxpure_evilxx September 02, 2009
Calvin making his picks
You really are a bed shitter when it comes to placing football bets.
#suck #brutal #stink #wreak #lick
by Tuneball August 11, 2006
A person who prefers staying in on a weekend night, or doesn't come out to party for whatever reason.
Tambo solo is being a bedshitter tonight.
#shit #lame #stupid #party #shitting the bed
by danforthkrew March 21, 2006
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