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When you get a wedgie while you are in bed.
Last night my older brother came in at midnight and, since i was asleep, he tugged at the front of my tighty whities, I was lying on my back in tighty whities taht were from six years ago(i'm not exagerating) so they were extremely tight,he lifted me up into a nuclear melvin which is also classified as a bed wedgie. I was screaming "Bloody Murder!!!!!". OOOWWWWWWW!!!
by Briefboy September 21, 2008
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When you have been sitting in the bed for hours, probably with your laptop in your knee, moving your ass around for beater comfort you might suddenly realize you got a bed wedgie!

It's simply when your underpants goes up your cheeks.
Martin Luther king: AH, shit man! I've got a bed wedgie!
Santa: Pull it out then, FOOL!
by Jacob Björkman December 18, 2007
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