n. A shaggy metrosexual who can do no wrong in the eyes of hipsters, no matter how many genres of music he exploits or how many samples he steals.
Beck is the exception to the rule, because he never sold out; even when he did sell out.
by Camp Lickalotta March 10, 2008
a jewish princess who gets evrything the hard way....from daddy!!!
oh my gawd
by rosi December 08, 2003
a rich North London jew with too much cash rinses it on designer clothes, going to shitty bars that play shit music and generally don't boom-klak

usually have a car bought for them by their parents.

they like to fug thier jewfro friends but they don't be fuggin
tamara is such a beck, she buys all her clothes on ebay

I'm not a beck, I pay for my petrol
by EON (-||-) December 25, 2004
Stick Bug who can be a bitch!
God ur a beck
by annon April 03, 2003
A homosexual Scientologist, who lacks talent. He tries to blend rap, electronica, and various other musical genres together, but fails at every attempt.
I hope this Beck fucker dies!
by Amerikaner August 24, 2006
Scientologist, Mediocre-musician, Beck had been a no nothing guitar player until he made an album with Calvin Johnson, which in turn was heard by David Geffen, who at that point in the 90's could of shit in a bag and shoved it down every grunge rockers throat for 15 dollars each.
Beck believes we are space aliens. Seriously.
by fje January 04, 2006
A person with the name Beck is a Swedish Person🇸🇪 That is amazing at COD BO2. Beck is knows as a "Sniper" and "trickshots noobs" for fun.
Beck is a amazing sniper
by Why is my name taken. May 08, 2015

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