Noun: A Slutty Central Florida Raver.
You would believe the head that becca-da-wrecka gives, glow stick and all.
by DB April 06, 2005
Top Definition
beautiful, attractive, admirable,adorable radiant, cute, dazzling and magnificant are just some of the words to discribe this foxy mamasita. She loves chocolate and cake and is alittle on the timid/lazy side but thats okay. Studies have shown that on very rare occasions she is found to be hyper. Witnessing this unusual phenomenon is quite spectacular. But beneath the beauty, smile, stunning eyes of becca there is a dark and dangerous force waiting to be released. Daring to provoke such a force will result in calamity, and most likely then not a very sore cheek bone.Id tell you why shes called the wrecka but its a shhhhhh!
becca is the wrecka,
who will sex ya,
till you breaks ur necka
by meh October 17, 2004
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