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The most amazing, awesome, wonderful, incredible, marvelous, stupendous, fantastic, outstanding, spectacular, cute, hot, sexy, smexy, pretty, beautiful, and phenomenal girl in the world.=] Also the love of my life. <3
by Falco Cheeselover February 27, 2009
A BeccaBoo is the most precious thing a person could own. Once you grab hold of her, don't let go. A BeccaBoo is an amazing friend. Always by your side, a BeccaBoo remains loyal through thick and thin. She has this weird sense of humor that can rub off on anyone. She laughs at almost anything and always has a beautiful smile on her face. She has curly dirty-blonde hair &this awkward left eye that drifts to the side when she's tired. She's a little slow - like, she stares at your mouth when you talk soo that its easier for her to process what you're saying. A BeccaBoo also has no mom. But do not feel bad, for her optimism forces her to see that she saves money on mothers day while all you motherfuckers are spending yours. A BeccaBoo has so many friends because she genuinely cares about people. Especially, if you care about her. You can go 101 days without talking to her, and when you finally do, its like you pick up where you left off. But don't let her friendly personality fool you. A BeccaBoo will cuss you the fuck out &tell you how it is if she feels disrespected. All who have encountered a BeccaBoo, have never regretted the experience with her. She's a lifelong friend, and she's an amazing sister. BeccaBoos can take away any kind of pain just by their hugs. Theyre amazing listeners &always provide a shoulder to lean on. You will always love a BeccaBoo. A BeccaBoo will always have a MarieBear that loves her &appreciates having her as a friend.
I didn't know who else to talk to, so I called my BeccaBoo because I know she would help.
by MarieBear August 11, 2011
A funny kind person who plays a cranky old woman quite well
Damn that comedian is a Becca-boo!
a person who stole my name
becca-boo stole my name
by becca September 14, 2003
A person who steals my name, and has a obsession with it.
Becca-Boo stole my name and wont stop raving about it.
by BeccaBoo September 29, 2003
a person who is also terrible at defining themselves
You are so not a dictionary, you Becca-boo!
by Becca-boo, his hoe March 20, 2003
A person who I don't know, HI!!!
Hi Becca-boo, my name is ShoesRBad, how are you?
by ShoesRBad March 21, 2003
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