one of the biggest whores ive ever met. she clings to girls more than her boyfriend. she is a bitch and tells eberyone shes innocent.
did u see becca

yeah shes a whore
by sami girl April 11, 2009
A fat, trailer park trash whore that sits in an AOL chatroom all day much resembling a gorilla.
Hey, I was in the Raleigh Durham Chat room today and that Becca was in there talking about how she had to have her out house remodeled.
by YeahMeOk January 27, 2009
1.becca is a sub category of the genus bitch
2.the new word for jew
look at that bitch! wat a becca!
by border922 August 30, 2008
a common name for a whore.One who sleeps with everyone including the nerd in school,most likely to sleep with another girls boyfriend (oh wait she did), also another word for CUNT. =) thanks becca davis=)
"that slut is pulling a becca davis"
by kalli and friends=) July 15, 2008
a fashion challenged LG who chooses not to obey fashion rules.
example of my definition is how my friend rebecca is when it comes to fashion
by zahrameg January 05, 2008
The process of wiping your bloody vag. with a sock after having sex. Then putting it back on your foot.
I So Becca'd With Mike Wise Last Night.
by Playswithpenis February 09, 2008
Insult. Typically heard when one woman is bashing another to her friends.

1. retarded girl. Used when you see a woman do something really stupid.

2. dumb blonde (see above).

3. A girl who hangs with retarded people.

4. Sister to Corky.

origin: "Life Goes On" was a TV series with main characters, Rebecca (Becca) and her retarded brother Charles (Corky), that documents the hardships this places on her and her family.
As I walked past a 7-Eleven, I saw a Becca talking to two homeless men and giggling.
by Reximas January 31, 2007

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