A female with a hairy vagina.
Man that girl from last night had a hairy becca.
by Swagger jagger 1991 August 05, 2013
Possibly the coolest name ever. This name has two of the awesomest people in the world including my "sister":) and my bff.
- omg you should learn to be more like becca

- you're just jealous of becca
by ThaBestBro March 08, 2011
is that you have ashton passion with a mexican hottie and then break up then u like want him back then u go out with alex......u take lotttss of selfies.......and o ya a bj
woo dude ur so becca
by heyyyalls April 15, 2011
To be faker than Barbie.
Not only a two-faced, but a 10929228 million face, and none of them are pretty what so ever.

Commonly mistaken by a giraffe.
Someone who has been around, homie hopper, slut, 304 you name it, it's her.

Claims to be pretty but is uglier than the shit i leave behind in my toilet.
Damn I just took a big ass Becca in the bathroom! That shit stank.
by Laqueeneeshads September 23, 2013
The reasonably prudent person.
When you actively change all of the smoke detector batteries and air filters every three months you are being, legally speaking, a 'becca' in most jurisdictions of the United States.
by non-becca November 18, 2010
amazing. totally gorgeous and amazing. all the guys wanna bang her, all the girls wanna be her. especially if her last name is Forest. the biggest whore on the planet. usually best friends with someone names Paris.
yea, she was so hot and i totally wanted to bang her. It was probably Becca Forest.
by forest22 November 23, 2010
A Becca is most commonly found on internet chat sites. They're typically hyperactive, and type a load of no sense towards random people until they logout, Becca's get frustrated, or sit in corners when harassed.

Becca's are typically females yet mysterious they like boys but sometimes engage with females and sexual intentions are still un-known, infact a Becca is a possible alien creature from the planet Pluto. A becca can be bipolar at times and very friendly at other times.
I was in a MocoSpace chat room and I found a "Becca" that kept typing to me until I left the chat room
by bullee December 28, 2010
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