A large beast know to travel in heard, also seen in the wild with Billie a beast not to be trusted, will turn on you in a heartbeat. Can be larger then most economy cars when full grown. Will pick a mate, however the mate will not remain loyal to the becca alone.
I saw a herd of becca's and a Billie or two in a field.
by maddj December 12, 2012
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to be hit in the face with an artificial penis
Man you so totally got becca'd last night.
by Charlie S. May 15, 2006
1. The girl who can say anything and make you laugh, excpecially when she says she's serious.
2. A girl that thinks she's not very popular even though she is pretty and #1.
Becca just dosnt get it!
by So Cool It hurts! September 21, 2008
A girl of considerable beauty who appears to take pleasure from teasing males sexually.
I was with a real Becca last night, she wouldn't stop.
by Conrad Rhys-Gryffan January 01, 2008
1- cooler than cool, makes you laugh about anything
2- a buffalo to end all buffalos
1- that kid had us all laughing til we cried; she was sooo becca!
2- omg, did you see what that badger did to the baby mouse? it was so becca
by Cooleo November 20, 2006
Becca's are usually beautiful girls with older guys all over them. They can make friends with just about anyone, but hang out with some more than others. Very smart and sentimental, but doesn't show it; instead avoids work and puts up walls around them. Amazing eyes and hair. Loves their friends more than anything.
"Man, Becca is so gorgeous."
"Dude she's two years younger than you!"
by goofyqb April 28, 2010
a kick ass girl with amazing friends. Also see sexy
That girl is such a Becca.
by Billy Bob Joe Tim Hippo. November 02, 2008
One Hot Ass Bitch.
"Damn, shes such a Becca!"
by BooBoom June 04, 2009

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