The shorthand version for expressions like "because of" or "because I am".

Made popular thanks to sites like Twitter, where brevity matters; now often used jokingly or ironically, even in regular conversation.
We're going drinking after class because Friday.

Tommy forgot to charge his iPad before the meeting because stupid.

I don't do drugs anymore because flying monkeys.
#because of #thanks to #due to #because x #twitter #twitterverse #sarcasm #humor #irony
by Born Blitzed March 16, 2013
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A word that all parents can't live without. It has no real meaning.
by Chloe September 09, 2003
The most terrible of motives and the most unanswerable of responses
Homosexual male: "Why did you call me a faggot"

Young hooligan: "..because."
#because #cos #coz #face #cool
by vvhatsernameyourface October 12, 2008
Abbreviated use of the phrases "because of (noun)" or "because it's (adjective)"
"Why'd you go to her party, if you don't like her?"
"Because cake."

"I must have this new gadget! Why? Because awesome!"
#because #why not #why #abbreviation #shorthand
by smendler April 18, 2013
my uncles excuse for anything
daughter: "Daddy why are you drunk?"
uncle: (after short pause) "BECAUSE"
#drunk #because #cause #caused #becaused
by supernal December 12, 2005
It means whatever the person wants it to mean. It's a reason for everything.
Why don't you like that? ...Because
#because #why #when #what #how
by ManWhore1 April 19, 2013
Because a reply to parents when you would rather not tell them the truth. or because you don't want them to know. also 'cause
"why wouldn't you tell me that"
"because" inner thought: ur nosy and ur going to use it against 'them'
by Urban Dictionary April 16, 2005
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