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When a womans tits are very flat and look like they've been sucked dry
That chick has an awful set of beaver tails on her.
by A-C-L April 14, 2004
A deep-fried delicacy in the shape of the tail on a beaver; flat.

The complete recipe with photos can be found at http://www.sticksite.com/beavertail/

The Dutch have a traditional recipe called "Oliebollen" ("oil balls") which is very similar but is made by dropping gobs of very thin batter into a deep-fryer.
You can vary the recipe for your beavertail in many ways. I find them VERY nice for lunch.
by StickMaker February 06, 2009
verb; the action of having a man's testicles hit the back of a woman during intercourse.
John had to stop because he hurt his balls with the beavertail on mary.
by Guid0 July 30, 2010
An older woman with natural titties that begin to sag taking on the shape of a beaver tail.
"Did you see that older woman with the big naturals? She is older so they are starting to look like beaver tails."
by KRS922 May 01, 2010
A female's clitoris.
Man I went down on some chick and she had like an inch long hard clitoris!

Thats what I call a Beaver Tail!!
by GCSRT8 September 24, 2011
a big gigantic flat sugary donut

with different toppings such as chocolate, whipped cream, or caramel....yum~
my favorite beaver tail is banana chocolate
by just desserts March 21, 2010
When a girl's pussy lips are so loose they slap together and sound like a beaver slapping his tail on something.
DAYUM that pair a titties that passed out at my place last night had a bad beaver tail going on.
by DA FREAKEN COCKBLASTER January 01, 2008