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aka tampon, maxipad 1. anything used to stop menstral flow, and or the COCK
man i stuck my hands down her pants, but when i felt that beaverdam i knew i wasn't gettin' laid.
by prickster January 18, 2007
The feminine version of cock block; i.e. a girl who stands in the way of another girl who wants to talk to or meet a guy. Can be used as a noun or verb.
Who is that beaver dam?
She totally beaver dammed me!
by Jennifer December 25, 2004
preventing a female from hooking up with another person.
Man, this girls is diggin me but her friend keeps beaver damming me.
by Nippyfresh April 15, 2010
tampon; blood bullet
Honey, will you please clear the beaver dam before we have sexual intercourse?
by wurd January 29, 2004
Female equivalent to "cock-block"
1. Jessica totally beaver-dammed me last night.

2. Don't be such a beaver dam.
by spooks22 March 25, 2014
When someone intentionally or unintentionally prevents a woman from hooking up with or having sex with another person. The female equivalent of being "cock blocked".
I saw this really cute girl and my friend introduced me as her girlfriend when she meant her girl friend. She was a beaver dam.
by Tree303 November 09, 2013
female version of cockblock
Leslie tried to slide her five bucks into the stripper's g-string, but Cornelius leaned in with a twenty, creating the perfect beaverdam.
by rubberchickenboy September 14, 2013