when a man places between his legs (close to his anus) one or both testicles and holds them there, then he bends over and moons someone, except with the testicle(s) between his ass, looking like a girl's beaver
"I was drivin around and some guy gave me the beaver!"
by Andrew Martin April 18, 2006
a vagina infected with bacterial vaginosis, a condition also known as BV. Comining B and V sounds, you get "beav", hence "beaver".

Beavers are charaterized by a foul smell: sometimes fishy, starchy, vomit-like, yeasty, or like a bacterial pus discharge rotting smell.

Beavers are accompanied by a discharge that resembles watered down glue. Beavers are not disease carrying, yet they suggest that 1.) your girl doesnt wash her vagina right. 2.) your girl is probably fucking other guys. 3.) your girl doesnt whipe her ass right.

Personally, I enjoy a beaver on a regular basis.
most of the time i pull her panties off to fuck her, and there is some nasty BV discharge shit oozing out of her beaver. oh well.
by hallerton November 28, 2005
A girl who, the only thing she wants from you is your penis.
That beaver was all over me at the club.
by Thomas Freeman November 19, 2006
a bitch's cunt, pussy, vagina, etc...
That ho has the nastiest beaver.
by ass September 19, 2004
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