A ugly girl who is actually disgusting with big sticky outy teeth and often gets food stuck on them.
'Ughhh. she tryedd to kiss me but i pulled away thank god! she was SUCHH a beaver!'
by tilesonyourbathroomfloor January 19, 2009
A girl or guy who has abnormally large two front teeth that resembles those of the animal.
Dude, your girlfriend is beaver?
by Sheneequa January 15, 2008
Someone with rather large front teeth. They are usually bullied because of it. Eventually they get braces, but they are still bullied for being a beaver with braces.
"Chris is such a beaver, let's beat him up"

"That beaver is a tosspot, let's hunt her for sport!"
by orig!nal prank$ta, aka aaron June 25, 2005
something that is hairy and wild. close to a vagine.
i just named my dog chubby beaver.
by chubby beaver June 06, 2007
The most popular delicacy found in Brasher. If you're lucky, some restaurants include cream and sugar to dip it with!
Brasher guy 1: Holy haybarrels, I found a quarter on the floor!
Brasher guy 2: Is that enough for a beaver?!?!?!?!?
Brasher guy 1: Yessum!
by emazing and locky June 21, 2005
Moist, furry mammal found in damp, dark places; to work very hard with the eintention of gaining access to a moist, furry mammal.
'What a fine beaver'
'Can I stroke your beaver?' - be careful that tit doesn't bite your fingers off.
'Beaver away' - probably downstream somewhere adn working very hard
by Nick Pick May 08, 2005
a man or woman who uses their teeth when giving a blow job. Hence the name "beaver."
Ryan: "man my fucking dick hurts. She gives really bad head."

Richard: "what do you mean?"

Ryan: "she was a fucking' beaver."

Richard: "ouchhhh..."
by VolcomStoneLC May 06, 2007

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