A girl or guy who has abnormally large two front teeth that resembles those of the animal.
Dude, your girlfriend is beaver?
#ugly #tard #dancer #fugly #whore
by Sheneequa January 15, 2008
A ugly girl who is actually disgusting with big sticky outy teeth and often gets food stuck on them.
'Ughhh. she tryedd to kiss me but i pulled away thank god! she was SUCHH a beaver!'
#beaver #ugly #food #manky #disgusting
by tilesonyourbathroomfloor January 19, 2009
Someone with rather large front teeth. They are usually bullied because of it. Eventually they get braces, but they are still bullied for being a beaver with braces.
"Chris is such a beaver, let's beat him up"

"That beaver is a tosspot, let's hunt her for sport!"
by orig!nal prank$ta, aka aaron June 25, 2005
something that is hairy and wild. close to a vagine.
i just named my dog chubby beaver.
#sadie #sam #chubby #seve #diane #jeff
by chubby beaver June 06, 2007
The most popular delicacy found in Brasher. If you're lucky, some restaurants include cream and sugar to dip it with!
Brasher guy 1: Holy haybarrels, I found a quarter on the floor!
Brasher guy 2: Is that enough for a beaver?!?!?!?!?
Brasher guy 1: Yessum!
by emazing and locky June 21, 2005
Moist, furry mammal found in damp, dark places; to work very hard with the eintention of gaining access to a moist, furry mammal.
'What a fine beaver'
'Can I stroke your beaver?' - be careful that tit doesn't bite your fingers off.
'Beaver away' - probably downstream somewhere adn working very hard
by Nick Pick May 08, 2005
a man or woman who uses their teeth when giving a blow job. Hence the name "beaver."
Ryan: "man my fucking dick hurts. She gives really bad head."

Richard: "what do you mean?"

Ryan: "she was a fucking' beaver."

Richard: "ouchhhh..."
#beaver #teeth #ouch #blow job #head
by VolcomStoneLC May 06, 2007
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