A female with a very hairy butt.
"Omg, I have a hairy butt like a guy!"
"Girl, you got a beaver."
by MPShell June 09, 2012
The unsuspectful and/or unintentional spreading of the legs by a modest chick when she's wearing
hot looking shorts, short dress, or skirt while sitting.
"That's a nicest beaver shot she's given yet"
by WesternPALcS October 26, 2007
One who constantly gets in the way of another's happiness; "BUILDING DAMNS" in ones "RIVER OF LIFE"
Charles Gregory is such a beaver
by Aprilfool_fosho August 04, 2009
A person generally found in the north of england found to be cavorting and or generally misbehaving in a sexual nature around or in a woodland area.

Sometimes alone and or with other woodland creatures. Preferably badgers are the common favourite.
"I just saw a beaver giving a hilarious blozzer in the conifers with a big badger. They were having a whale of a time."
by b1tchf@ce118118 June 22, 2009
Term used for a female truck driver
Breaker 1-9. We got a beaver in the hammer lane at 29th street.
by jbird41286 April 30, 2008
Someone who looks and acts like a beaver.

For example, they skip school to build dams.
Or they have beaver teeth.
Man, Tom skipped school again.
Yeah hes a beaver, dude, hes building a dam using his sharp teeth.
by Dainys January 05, 2009
Its the sexiest man alive. A person that has a jacked up mud truck that live in the country.
Damn that's 1 sexy redneck Beaver!
by abicales February 07, 2010

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