The nickname of the character of "Cassidy Casablancas" that starred on two seasons of "Veronica Mars" but committed suicide at end of S2.
ME: "I got Season 2 of Veronica Mars, and I watched the final episode of S2 last night, and all I can say is it was SO shocking!"
YOU: "I HATE Beaver! I can't believe what he did to Veronica and to Mac, and blowing up that plane, and I was SO shocked when he jumped off the roof!"
by Lisa Parnell February 08, 2009
a word used to describe a chicks cunt- dirty, clean, shaved, hairy, bushy.
Hey Mike, did you get any beaver from that slut i hooked you up wit last night?

She has the hairiest beaver i have ever seen, it's like a section of the tropical rain forest.
by powell April 16, 2003
the art of beavering to yourself or another
if you dont dhut up i will beaver you or i love u lets beaver
by The Great Beaver August 15, 2011
Trucker slang, refers to a woman who is willing to perform sexual acts on a driver (for free). A woman who requires payment for services is referred to as a "pro beaver".
There's a sweet little beaver workin' the lot at the TA boys, g'wan and gitcha some!
by Mount May 22, 2004
1. A teenage child with abnormally large front teeth.
1. Wow your brother is such a beaver
by biscuitlips December 20, 2009
Someone whose teeth resemble those of a beaver.
Was Smokey the Bear your neighbor dude, you needa trim them beaver teeth.
by buckwildnastyteethbag November 02, 2009
A Southern Term For an unshaven Vagina/ Vagine.

A Small Furry Water Based Animal That Builds Dams.
"She Had a Beaver as Big as Kentucky!"

"The Lesser Spotted Beaver is a recluse creature"
by Crack_housE October 27, 2009

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