An adolescent, especially a conceited, skinny, bambi-legged bitch.
Those beavers are annoying the crap out of me.
by Beaverkilla November 23, 2010
a canadian magazine, about life in Canada.
your a real beaver to have universal health care
by whovean February 05, 2010
A very hairy female crotch

When her bush bites back
Joe: So, what did you do last night
Tim: I got to 3rd base with my girlfriend, but when i went for home, her beaver bit me
Joe: damn
by 6miroku9 January 07, 2008
slang for viewing female genitalia, most commonly used in Western Canada
did you see that great beaver shot in the Penthouse centerfold last month?
by Cdn-ex-pat December 21, 2010
Cunnilingus on unshaved female genitals
Stayed in with my girlfriend and I ate beaver last night
by tonguedipper February 01, 2011
A name for a person whos teeth protrude out of their face.
Mert you know that bird in business she's a right beaver!!
by Wangerrrr October 19, 2010
furry thing
save a tree, eat a beaver
by dufduf July 28, 2010

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