fuzzy woodland creature that likes to dam up rivers and. they are recognizable by their flat, paddle-like tails. you can also tell what they are because they are probably the only animal that likes to gnaw on trees.
angry beavers is an old school cartoon about two fuzzy beavers that live in their bachelor-pad/dam
by unusu-al June 02, 2004
A word to describe your comfiest pair of tracksuit bottoms. Usually thick, grey, often lined with a fleecy type material. Named after the UK young cub scout clan "The Beavers" uniform.
I am chilling out in my beavers
by Winnie Warbles July 19, 2010
Beer, used when you don't want your boss to know you're trading a snowboard tune-up for a twelve-pack.
"I'll do it for beavers."
by harmoniouschaos January 13, 2010
A cult hero in the island nation of New Zealand. this man was the 5 string fly half and was required for the world cup final. When he received the call up he was whitebaiting in a river.

He wore a shirt 3 sizes too small and nailed the winning kick.
"did you see Beaver in the final?"

"yea he was awesome think I got Beaver fever now"
by Ritchie McCaw October 23, 2012
Although the most common known definition of this word is of the pesky wood chewing rodent, it can also refer to a pesky beard wearing man. Instead of using his teeth to chew wood, he uses his chainsaw and will often try to go after larger trees. This beaver however will have one tree that he clings on to and is usually near his home. After a long day of chopping down wood, he usually settles back with a Miller High Life and a Camel Light with his good ole buddies. Watch out when overly intoxicated because the beaver will revert back to many of the ways of his rodent ancestor. It has been reported that a beaver has almost been the victim of his own chainsaw. When the beaver is in this state...STAY AWAY. Well actually you should probably do that at all times.
Hey look at that man with a chainsaw and a big bushy beard...must be a beaver.
by beavaria March 16, 2010
Some one who is currently attending, or is a graduate student of Oregon State University (OSU). Whose mascot is the beaver. GO BEAVERS!!!
Did you catch the game yesterday the beavers kicked ass!
by Jordanlevy June 14, 2006
a canadian magazine, about life in Canada.
your a real beaver to have universal health care
by whovean February 05, 2010
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