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"Leave It to Beaver" TV-Series 1957-1963

family sit-com with:

Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver)
Hugh Beaumont (Ward Cleaver)
and, of course, the eponymous:
Jerry Mathers (Theodore 'Beaver' Cleaver)
usually notable for "the filthiest line in a sit-com":

Barbara Billingsley was asked about June Cleaver's remark,

"Ward, don't you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night?"

The TV mom replied, "I don't remember saying it, but I must have, I''ve seen it on t-shirts."
by bob "a" August 06, 2005
Slang word commonly used as a replacement for vaginas.
1) I saw a bunch of beavers at the gym this morning.

2) Popped into beavers for a quick one on Tuesday.

3) Is this club gay? I ain't seen any beavers around!
by NetPreference February 10, 2010
1. A furry vagina that may or may not attend Oregon State.

2. A buck toothed rodent that may or may not attend Oregon State.

3. The mascot for all of the furry vaginas and buck toothed rodents that attend Oregon State.
Eddie: "Is that beaver a Beaver?"

Wally: "Well, it's orange and black...."
by Connie Lingquist November 04, 2010
The small furry animal. Also the OSU Beavers, the sad sorry excuse for a college team who loses to the Oregon Ducks at everything.
beavers, osu, ducks, etc
by Goducks798 January 15, 2009
a small fur bearing animal that can swollow tube steak whole.
Check out that nice beaver.
by Dustin July 15, 2004
the female genitals, especially with pubic hair (originally Brittish)
Her beaver looks as if someone attempted to shave it with a jagged razor.
by Lightjoker@nni.com January 29, 2006
Beaver in reference to a vagina. A lightly tufted python goblin.
"Jim: Honey, will you get your beaver over here to devour my python?"
"Sarah: Snake your way ever 'ere big boy, my lightly tufted python goblin will make your one eyed python wish it was never circumsized!"
by F;edermaus187 February 03, 2005