(bee voor treet)
1: A treat given to a beaver in order to entice it to give up the treats.

2: A fat vagina covered in large amounts of pubic hair that is a treat to gnaw upon.

3: A treat often used to persuade dolphins into calling you at home because you have a dorsal fin.

4: A collection of sticks taken from a dam built by a beaver; usually use to beat the face off of defenseless baby seals.

5: Beavers on a stick, also referred to as a "shishka-beaver" or a "beaver-kabob" if there are onions on it.

6: An engine that runs on jaw power when the extra cam kicks in, often confused with VTEC made by Honda.

7: When a woman is in possession of a orifice that is tight like a man's anus, she is referred to as a beavertreat.

8: Anything that you would like to fuck immediately.
1: "Can I buy you a beavertreat?"

2: "I just ate some popcorn, can I borrow your beavertreat so I can floss this shit out of my teeth?

3: "AKAAA KAAA! Does he call you at home? DO you HAVE A DORSAL FIN!?"

4: "Oh shit! There's a defenseless baby seal! Gimme some of those beavertreats before it gets away!"

5: "Throw some den shishka-beavers on da grill, I'm hungry as shit back here! "Gnaw man, all I got is some beaver-kabobs".

6: "Hey baby LOOK! Prelude BeaverTEC"

7: "Damn your pussy's so fucking TIGHT like a boa constrictor, this shit is a crazy beavertreat!"

8: "hey there beavertreat, you got a boyfriend? Someone who can lick your day away?"
by The Funky Redneck December 24, 2006
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