1. Term used to describe a man declining the opportunity of scoring with a woman.

2. Term used to describe a man acting timid towards an attractive female.
One friend says to another on a night on the town: Get in there man, don't be such a beaver leaver"
by skat shake February 14, 2005
Top Definition
A male who appears to have an allergy to pussy & swings toward boaby's instead
My mate paul is a beaver leaver 'fucking poof'
by Dean McCluskey April 01, 2003
The female fart that, while sitting, begins at the poop shoot and travels along the yellow brick road in bubble-like form to the front butt and makes the perpetrator go "weew" as the bubble squeaks out with a clap.
Girl: Hey Sam...guess what I just did

Boy: Hey Beth I hope its not a beaver leaver ...cause thatd be gross.

Girl: Yeah...that is it.
by the pooter tooter June 01, 2011
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