n: A large gathering of Lesbians
Guy 1: (standing in line at the bar) What is the hold up?
Guy 2: Oh, God! There's a beaver dam ahead!
by narwhalbattle February 26, 2011
A very hairy vagina that has become wet for any reason.
Hey check it out, I made your mom's beaver turn into a beaver dam!
by El Pablo August 10, 2006
the piece of skin between the vaginal opening and asshole
The woman's beaver dam is swollen from sexual intercourse.
by sara p January 17, 2009
To stop your friend from having sexual relations with an ugly chick!
Yo, Jackson, you have to make sure the beaver dam goes up if I get really drunk and want to fuck Sam!
by Jason Ho July 10, 2008
Something to say when you shouldn't outright say "damn". No, It isn't a feminine cock block you silly morons.
Person1: "Aww beaver dam, I spilled liquid nitrogen all over my new pants!"

Person2: "Well, shucks, isn't that just a shame!"

Both: Hahaha!
by J.J.J. Smith III Esq. July 27, 2008
A place of residence of University of Colorado students located on the corner of Broadway and Grandview. Party?
There was an epic vikings and whores party at the beaver dam.
by party? May 04, 2009
(noun)- A friend who acts as a buffer between you and an unattractive female (see: ugly ass bitch). Plural- beaver dams

(verb)- to block an unattractive female from hooking up with a friend upon his/her request. Past tense: -med
Damn, to keep that ugly drunk bitch from fucking me, I need my friend to be my beaver dam. (noun)

Was I just beaver dammed by that guy? (verb, past tense)
by A friend and his beaver dam November 28, 2007
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