1.(n.)the female equivalent of a cock block; a person who prevents a woman from scoring

2.(n.)the female equivalent of a boner killer; a person or situation that turns a woman off

3.(v.) an act which prevents a woman from scoring, intentionally or not
1. My roommate is a crazy-ass beaver dam. I can't bring anyone home without her trying to fuck them first.

2. Long nails are a sure-fire beaver dam. No wolverine bullshit in my snatch, thank you.

3. Dude, quit tryin' to beaver dam me! I need to get laid!
by ka-chan February 15, 2012
tampon; blood bullet
Honey, will you please clear the beaver dam before we have sexual intercourse?
by wurd January 29, 2004
A lesbian version of cock block
What do u call a lesbian cock blocker?
A beaver dam
by polioness July 24, 2013
v. To intentionally interfere with a woman who is trying to get laid, and results in said woman NOT getting laid. Usually done by a somewhat less attractive girlfriend. (This could be considered the female version of the cock-block.)
n. A person who is responsible for the act of beaverdamming
I was about to hook up with this hot guy at the Fort Kent Bar last night but then Nikki totally beaverdammed me! Why doesn't she mind her own business?!
by miyabroto_musashi June 02, 2011
The opposite of Cock Block...
ie: if a female were to be striking a conversation and flirtation with a male...and another female were to infringe on her territory....that is a Beaver Dam.
by janamariewjpz March 06, 2010
1.a kotex or tampon
2. extremely deep camel toe
3. an EXTREMELY uptight virgin
I would have fucked her last night,but she had a beaver dam.
by pallbearer January 18, 2007
usually a creepy/ugly guy that hangs out with a group of guys
that scares away chicks.

{girl detergent}
Will is such a beaver dam, I hate him!!!!
by the jack man 808 November 08, 2007

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