Something that most girls don't think they have, so they feel bad about themselves.
girl #1: beauty is one thing I don't have.
girl #2: same...
by CrazyUnicorn May 06, 2015
Is a word of description, it describes the beautifulness of a person or of a place. It is the feeling that you feel about being some where or with someone. A thing of beauty is a rarity and should forever be cherished.
Noelia is a thing of beauty.
by Trefry August 18, 2013
No photo shop. No makeup. 100% fake free.
Don't need an example. You people know what I'm talking about.

"That girl is beautiful , don't need instagram or shet to fix her face"

Fuck photo shop.
Don't need instagram or any photo shop , you're beautiful&you know it , show off your beauty.
by ThatOnePersonYouThinkYouKnow July 23, 2012
Something that catches the eye in a most pleasing way. Makes you happy to look at it.
Wow...Tori really is the definition of true beauty.
by invaderharpie January 31, 2011
Beauty is the realest girl you will ever meet all the niggas want her but she only want one... She don't play no games and she keep it 100 wit u she's the most gorgeous mixed girl you will ever meet wit a dope ass body. Beauty is a loyal ride or die type chick so if u get a chance to cuff her... Keep her
''You know a girl named Beauty?"
"Yeah she a dope ass dancer bruh"
by DopeLove_ August 21, 2014
a perception of something or someone that causes an attraction to them
Nicole Lee Solberg is the definition of Beauty because she is a sweet and loving person, who is amazing, and has the prettiest face in the world.
by DanielVan July 10, 2012
Someone is exceptionally sweet and knows how to have a good time
Andrew loves to party that is why he is a beauty.
by j flop May 27, 2005

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