Something or someone that is so visually appealing that your mind goes numb and you can't stop looking.
Tori Sander is the definition of beauty.
by spock13 September 02, 2010
There are two kinds of beauty; inner and outer beauty. Outer beauty is appearance. You don't have to look like Beyoncé or Rihanna to be beautiful. Everyone is beauty weather you see it or not! Being beautiful is not being surrounded by tons of guys and having a lot of friends. Being beautiful is having confidence in yourself and accepting your natural beauty. You don't have to buy all these material things to be beautiful, being you is being beautiful enough. Inner beauty is you're attitude. A rude, nasty attitude can make anyone ugly in a matter of seconds. Being beautiful and attractive are two totally different things which people often confuse. I believe everyone is beautiful. Although you may not be attractive to everyone, there's always a few people you would die to be with you! Being beautiful isn't based on your skin tone, hair color, hair length, body, how many boys like you or any of that. They say "Beauty is beyond the eye of the beholder." and what that means is, although you may not see yourself as beautiful, there's definitely someone out there who loves the skin you're in. You don't want to be called "hot" "sexy" "smoking" or none of that nonsense, because what that tells me is that person doesn't respect your looks as much as they should. Remember, you're beautiful so smile!!
If you're reading this I want you to remember, you're beautiful!!!! It just takes the right person for you to notice your beauty.
by Brianaxoxo July 05, 2013
True beauty is not any of this bullsh*t that those damn cosmetics companies are telling us it is. True beauty is not skin deep, merely it is when someone is extremely appealing for who or what they are, no matter their physical appearence. True beauty can only be found by love, and once it has been found it cannot be forgotten.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
by charlie golf 2 June 04, 2011
Tanjida Tasmin
Tanjida Tasmin defines beauty
by AvatarAangAmik March 21, 2013
The most undesirable of the Disney princesses, Beauty (or Belle) loves reading and being a pretentious bitch. She also loves beastiality and has a strange fetish for French candelabras which tends to manifest itself during her frequent acid trips. On top of being given the worst and least memorable songs, she ends up with "The Beast", cementing the fact that she has an out of control sex drive and is a feminist. Just to add to this unfortunate excuse for a "princess", her animators also gave her the most realistic tits/ass/waist ratio. Her name is meant to be ironic, as hipsters were largely responsible for the scripting.
GASTON: "Yo, Belle, my dick is huge, wanta peek?"
BEAUTY: "Not tonight, the Beast and I are drinking some absinthe and discussing women's rights with the mop."
by LievTolstoy69 November 04, 2010
(noun, Australian) Generic term referring to some exceedingly excellent thing.
(thirsty bloke, upon finding a cold beer in the back of the 'fridge)... "You little bee-oo-tee"
by DeeJay February 24, 2004
Used in place of "cool" or a similar affirmation. This was coined by Canadian characters Bob and Doug Mackenzie.
"The beer stain came out of my plaid shirt with some vinegar"

"Beauty, now you don't have to get a new one"
by tinker22 July 20, 2005

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