Tanjida Tasmin
Tanjida Tasmin defines beauty
by AvatarAangAmik March 21, 2013
Being pretty means looking good. Being cute means acting well. Beauty is a perfect blend of being pretty, cute, confident, and having just a little love to spare. Very few people actually think that they're beautiful, but they need to understand that they are. And not just in their "own way" They are beautiful in every way. You don't need to be the definition of perfect. You might be skinny, you might not. You might have perfect stick straight hair, you might not. It doesn't matter.
Her beauty was never clear to her.
by sweetheartsign July 09, 2013
Slightly mutilating the natural state of your body in order to be deemed acceptable.
To have 'beauty' these days you have to be tan, and skinny.
by Janet Loves Cats July 15, 2011
beauty is simplicity
the more simple you are the more beautiful you are
by kul June 11, 2005
This is what I've reasoned beauty to be: Something that the mind uses as a survival technique. Without a survival technique such as beauty, we would not be able to recognize what is supposedly benificial to our survival. This definition mainly involves the search for potential mates. Since standards are made by society, it is only suiting that one looks for a mate that fits the social requirements placed upon him/her. The search for "inner beauty" is also important for survival. With "inner beauty" from one's mate comes emotional stability within him/herself, which is vital for a healthy life.

Beauty in inanimate objects and sounds is also a way of survival. "Beautiful" things, such as a fruit basket or a painting, allow one to know that the object is harmless and will satisfy his/her physical and emotional needs. Beautiful sounds from things like animals inform a person whether or not the animal or object is harmful or harmless. "Beautiful" music aids in emotional stability, which, as stated previously, is vital to one's health.
Wow, look at her! What a beauty!
That swan sure is a beauty.
Listen to this song. Can you hear the beauty in it?
by Dr. Dizzie May 24, 2011
When the sensory characteristics of a scene harmonize into a sensation of comfort.
I gaze out from the bridge at the landscape of lively tree tops while feeling the cool air of the flowing water and hearing it's ripples as it grazes the stones. What a beauty.
by epistemephiliac May 20, 2010
Ok why don't I say, when you don't look or act like an asshole.
Johnny: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Until my ex started looking like an asshole etc..... for seral.
by browngirlsdonttakebs January 15, 2009
The opposite of me
by Cheyne96 December 23, 2011

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